Adding the Human Component in Artificial Intelligence

Image or Video annotation and classification, augmenting visual data with human understanding

From capturing sentiment to audio transcription, unlock the insights behind your documents and customer interactions

Powered by 2500+ internal staff (not crowdsourced)
Dedicated success managers support you every step of the process
Each project is customized to the specific needs, you are always in control
Technology agnostic Work with most mainstream annotation platforms or client in house technology
Transparently scale resources up or down as the project requires it

Task augmentation

There is no doubt AI is changing the world. Still, contrary to the public’s belief, the most effective AI solutions are those that strike the proper balance of human capabilities and AI technology.

HI4AI enables companies to effectively tap into AI by complementing its human component at scale with a cost-effective approach. We provide “Human-In-The-Loop (HITL)” expertise or task augmentation, bringing custom technological elements to maximize customer value.



Enabling your models to understand the world beyond the image, from landmark identification to bounding boxes on all their flavors.

Accurately annotated images enable your models to connect to the human experience and create valuable insights and recommendations.


Turning videos into histories accounting what happened, tracking objects or people through the frames enables business to turn the information into business KPIs (i.e., service times, occupancy, etc.), traslating visual elements into descriptive classes suitable for machine learning.

Extract the value behind one of the most ubiquitous data sources for any business (i.e., security cameras).


Turn lidar points clouds into grids of the World around you, understanding the Elements and enabling your model Decisions.

Convert termal images into actionable Scenarios for your models.



Your documents are as unique as your business; from identifying sentiment on customer chat sessions to labeling the entities on a legal brief, we can help you make sense of it all.

Unlock the power behind what your organization already knows.


With the advent of voice as the default Interface for a new generation, all sound Activated models rely on the proper References to achieve their goal; HI4AI.

Help you créate model ready datasets in your language from transcription to classifications, HI4AI helps you transform your audio data into model ready inputs.

Delivering best in class data for your models


• Standardized baseline workflows with strict quality assurance oversight.
• Transparent quality reporting.
• Each team member is continuously vetted according to the quality of their work.


• With nearly 20 years of experience on large volume projects and +2500 internal resources, we provide the scale and efficiency to adapt to rapidly changing project needs, always scaling (up or down) and retraining as required.
• Technology agnostic.

Security & privacy

• HI4AI follows global security standards and best practices on data security and encryption for reliable workflows.
• Every member of our team signs a Nondisclosure Agreement.
• Restricted access by Biometric authentication in every center and platform.

Impact Sourcing

• We prioritize giving digital work to people living in economically depressed areas with living wages. Helping make a difference in technology and society.


• Partnering with innovative annotation platforms to leverage cutting edge features to increase productivity.
• Cloud-ready, integrating into your existing approach and platforms.