Enable and accelerate AI processes at scale​

Human Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence​


Unlock the power of computer vision and NLP with our specialized task force

We focus on leveraging both human expertise and AI technologies, including computer vision, sensors data and natural language processing, to help our clients efficiently and effectively create high-quality products and solutions.
While staying within budget and meeting tight deadlines, by accelerating value through our unique methodology.

Qualified Teams

Powered by 2500+ highly qualified & specialized internal staff (not crowdsourced)

Dedicated Leaders

Dedicated success managers support you every step of the process

Technology agnostic

Technology at your service, we work with most mainstream annotation platforms & client in house technology


Transparently scale resources up or down as the project requires it

You are unique

Each project is customized to the specific needs, you are always in control


We complement your human component at scale with a cost-effective approach.

Our services​

HI4.AI offers an end-to-end labeling service for all industries, providing fully-managed labeling experts at your disposal. Companies from various industries including Medtech, Agritech, Mobility, Retail, E-commerce, Construtech, IOT, Shipment & Logistics, Fintech, Cyber, Governmental and more, have trusted HI4.AI to annotate their mission-critical data and support them to develop accurate machine learning models.

By choosing HI4.AI, you can rely on our team of experts to handle every aspect of the data labeling process, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying your models.

Managed ML/DL Services

Consulting ML/DL Services

What are your main challenges?​

From capturing sentiment to audio transcription, unlock the insights behind your data and customer interactions


Unlock the power of computer vision and NLP with our specialized task force

We specialize in using a variety of services to solve problems in the field of artificial intelligence, with a focus on delivering value to our clients. Our expertise in automating machine learning, improving natural language processing, enhancing computer vision, automating data analysis, and enhancing robotics allows us to provide solutions that drive results and help businesses succeed.

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