Consulting Services

Leading AI consulting in computer vision and NLP
for improved AI model accuracy and data quality.

Data Models

HI4.AI optimizes model performance with advanced data structure design and optimization services, unlocking optimal accuracy for improved results.

  • Design
  • Structure & implement
  • Data fusion & enrichment
  • Monitor & optimize statistical models
  • Quality control and KPI’s measurement: 
  • Documentation of procedures (“how-to”)

Technology & Infrastructure

HI4.AI’s consulting services maximize client value through technology-agnostic solutions that leverage cutting-edge camera technology, optimized development processes, and secure data infrastructure.

  • Vision & cameras
  • Integration of tools & utilities
  • Scripting and DevOps
  • Architectural solution design
  • Network security & data protection
  • Harnessing technology
  • Tools research & development

Technology & Infrastructure

HI4.AI’s project management services ensure data model success through clear execution, design, processing, annotation, and technology road-mapping.

  • Design clear executable Gantt
  • AI Models final design & execution (workflow)
  • Data processing plan
  • Data processing analysis
  • Data annotation & labeling roadmap
  • Infrastructure & network roadmap
  • Technology roadmap additional features support

Executable plan

HI4.AI maximizes AI accuracy through feasibility assessment, planning, expert recruitment, and project tracking/documentation, tailored to meet each project’s unique needs.

  • Product to AI feasibility
  • Planning
  • HR qualified recruitment process
  • Detailed Gantt
  • Documentation of procedures, guidebooks, annotation & manuals

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