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As an AI agency, HI4.AI helps companies achieve their desired outcomes from their AI projects by providing a wide range of services.

Our manage and consulting services include expertise in data modeling, technology and infrastructure, as well as executable plans that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

One of the key advantages of HI4.AI’s services is our emphasis on human-in-the-loop services.

This approach uses highly qualified professionals and specialists to maximize data quality and accuracy through data annotation services.

This leads to more accurate and reliable results for AI models and systems.

Managed solutions

HI4.AI provides a comprehensive solution for all things computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing.

With a team of over 2500 dedicated specialists, we offer hands-on solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Data models management & training:

Design: Advanced data structure design and implementation.

Creation: Building models from scratch.

Enhancement: Scaling models to improve performance.

Quality improvements (human & machine): Continuously improve quality, accuracy & performance.

Human-in-the-loop (HITL): HI4.AI helps companies to streamline their AI data labeling process by leveraging human intelligence for overseeing the AI models.

Market POC: Prove the concept in the market.
Ongoing documentation & guidebooks management

ML/DL networks and technology:

Connectivity and integration: Smooth integration and connectivity

Scripting and programmatic solutions: Streamlined processes with scripting and automation

Network security and data protection: Ensure data security and protection
API integrations and data pre and post processing, data augmentation and manipulation


Leading AI consulting in computer vision and NLP, for improved ML/DL models accuracy and data quality.

Design & planning:

  • Design, structure and Implementation, monitor and optimize Statistical models, quality control and KPI’s measurement, documentation of procedures (“how-to”).

  • Technology & Infrastructure, vision and Cameras, integration, scripting and DevOps, architectural solution design, network security and data protection.

Execution & management:

  • Project management, design clear executable Gantt, AI Models final design & execution (workflow), data processing plan & analysis, data annotation & labeling roadmap, infrastructure & network roadmap, technology roadmap.

  • Technology & Infrastructure, vision and Cameras, integration, scripting and DevOps, architectural solution design, network security and data protection.


Expertise in AI implementation.

Maximization of data quality and accuracy.

Maximize network security and data protection.

Model enhancement and quality improvement.

Market proof of concept

How can we help you?

For companies using AI on their products, HI4.AI’s expertise and approach can help to improve their AI models and systems, leading to more accurate and reliable results.

HI4.AI’s emphasis on data quality and accuracy by using human-in-the-loop services, smooth integration and connectivity and network security and data protection will help in the successful implementation of AI projects and make the companies more comfortable in maintaining and managing their AI systems.

By using HI4.AI’s data models management and training services, companies can further enhance the efficiency of their AI models and can effectively utilize the models for their products.

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